If you use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac Mail to access your e-mail please read on

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It has come to our attention that several of our SmarterMail clients are having a problem with their email account on their iPhone after recent updates by Apple. We believe that it might be related to the iOS 11.4.1 update.

We’ve seen issues from “Cannot Connect to the Server for XXX Domain” to warnings that the Security Certificate for mail40.bangwsd.net or mail60.bangwsd.net is not trusted, neither of which are issues on our end.
To resolve the issues, we suggest that you follow the following procedure...
  1. Delete your email account on your device. As long as you are setup using an IMAP connection (most popular/best choice for your phone), none of your messages will be lost.
  2. If you have other e-mail accounts also setup on your device. Open up the other accounts and look for mail40.bangwsd.net, mail60.bangwsd.net or mail.YourDomain.ext in the outgoing server under “Other SMTP Servers.” If you locate them in the list, delete that server.
  3. Recreate the account. Note: that incoming and outgoing servers should be mail40.bangwsd.net or mail60.bangwsd.net NOT your own domain name. If you need the settings for your email account, create a support ticket and we will send you the information.
It may take a bit of time to sync all of the e-mails if there are quite a few on the server, but once that is complete you should be good to go again.

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