Long Delays when Sending and Receiving my email!

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Recently we’ve heard from a few clients saying that they are suddenly seeing a long delay in sending and receiving their email. In one case the messages that a client was sending were being duplicated when sent, in another case our client was getting multiple copies of inbound e-mail.

We are happy to report that our mail server isn’t having any issues however, we do have a solution for you. When using Outlook for your email you will need to increase the Server Timeout which appears under the “Advanced Tab” when you click on “More settings” in your account settings. By default the Server Timeout is set to 1 minute, simply slide the bar to 5 minutes and the issue should be resolved. The root cause tends to be lots of e-mails in the inbox and/or large attachments. In these conditions 1 minute isn't long enough for your mail client and our server to agree on what's to be done in that send and receive process.

Of course if you still have issues after increasing the Server Timeout please go to http://support.bangwsd.com and create a support ticket for assistance.

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