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Since we often ask clients to re-size, crop or auto-correct their images before placing them on their web site, we are frequently asked for recommendations for software that will work with images from digital cameras.

Many times when you purchase a scanner or digital camera, image manipulation software will come with the product. Check first to see if you already have software available to edit your images. If you don’t have it available or you simply don’t like the software that you have, our guide might help.

There are many programs out there and your needs and PC experience level will determine which one you choose. Our staff compiled and reviewed image software ranging from free, software that you must purchase and level of difficulty. While we do not support any of the following programs, here is our list complete with a short review from our Staff.

Free Online browser based editors
Photoshop Express in the past was slow and clunky however it seems like they worked the bugs out and now it appears to work rather well.
Picnik resizes images quickly. In regard to the user interface; it’s friendly and would work well for the casual user.

Both Photoshop Express and Picnik do not require a login to use their product unless you want to save the images to their website. This may be the first place that you would want to go to if you know that you have a stable computer and internet connection.

The great part about Photoshop Express and Picnik is that you won’t be asked to install any software, unless of course you don’t have flash already installed or it needs to be updated. The bad part is that you have to upload your image to the site, edit it and then download it to your computer again.

Free Full Programs

For free software this is the first that comes to mind. It’s well known and has been around a long time. It is designed to be like a free open source version of Photoshop. It is however a little overkill and not the easiest to use so it may not be the best solution. Our programmer used it but found himself longing for Photoshop.
This program wasn’t tested however, it looks like the origins of it come from college students who developed it with help from Microsoft.

Programs that cost $$$

  • Photoshop Elements 10 ($65 on Amazon)
This program is more than enough to do resizing and light editing. In the past this software was bundled with scanners so again you may want to check and see if you already have it.
  • Pixelmator (Mac only - $30 on the Mac Apple Store and Amazon has an older version for sale for $16 but we don't know how long that will be around.
This is a great "Photoshop Lite" program. Unfortunately for PC users it is Mac based only. For Mac users this may be a great option for you.

* Note: This list was compiled and reviewed by BANG! Web Site Design Staff in January 2012

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