I want to send a message to several email addresses

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Sending a mass email
  • Do not send to more than 99 recipients at a time. This signals to the ISP's that you are spamming. Break larger lists into smaller groups to send. If you need to do this frequently we've got systems that send one at time very efficiently.
  • Bcc – all recipients -
If you're sending a message to several people and want to hide each recipient's email address, you can use the blind carbon copy feature. Simply enter the email addresses that you do not want to display to the recipients in the Bcc field of your composed message by clicking Add Bcc.
If you don't want any of the email addresses to show up to the recipients, common practice is to include your own email address in the To field, and all of the recipients' addresses in Bcc.

This way each recipient cannot see all the other email addresses. In the event that a spammer would get a hold of a single email containing all the email addresses they would gain 99 more people to annoy.


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