Introduction to SmarterMail - Version 7 (Webmail)

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Our Webmail system (SmarterMail) is an alternative to using Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird or other mail clients.

This is a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) based way to get your e-mail. SmarterMail is a handy way to get your email and when you are out of the office, at home perhaps or if your getting e-mail withdrawals while on vacation you can access SmarterMail where ever you are with access to a Computer and Browser. SmarterMail works similar to how Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail works, you can access this system by typing in the address bar of the Web browser (Do not type in www)

Caution! When using SmarterMail you are directly accessing your email messages. If you delete a message here it will be permanently deleted.

If you have additional questions about how to use the Webmail (SmarterMail) system from this point, simply click on “Help” in the upper right corner after you have logged in or go to and check out our Knowledge base or if necessary click Submit a Ticket for additional assistance.

First open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) and type in http://mail.domainname.ext (i.e.
Note: Do not type in the www

The SmarterMail login screen will appear

The very first time you login to your new SmarterMail account, the Account Wizard will assist you.

Click Next to continue
BANG! will notify you before login if this step is necessary.

Note: Mail Migration can also be accessed after login by selecting
Settings - Advanced Settings - Mail Migration

The Synchronization Center splash screen will appear each time you login to SmarterMail. See below to disable

Uncheck Show at Login to disable the Synchronization Center 
Click to open the Synchronization Center        


Hover over each icon on the left to view it’s function. Click on the desired icon to select it. See below for examples.

For additional information, click Help in the upper right hand corner, next click on Help Topics and expand the Interface diagrams folder in the left tree view.

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