Auto-Responder (Out of Office Reply) - SmarterMail ver. 7

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You can set up auto-responders to automatically send a pre-written response when an email message is received. They are commonly used to notify senders that the recipient is out of the office or on vacation.

First go to http://mail.yourdomainname.ext (i.e.
Note: Do not type in the www

The SmarterMail login screen will appear

Enable Auto-Responder

                      Next click Auto-Responder  

Next click to Enable auto-responder

Next click Disable responses to indirect mail

Note: Responses will be limited to Direct Mail only. This will reduce the messages to group lists which can be annoying to other members of the list.
Next click on the Auto-Responder Message tab

Note: If the Auto-Responder Message is not available, Auto-Responder is not enabled

Click Save to save your auto-responder message

Next enter the Subject of the message  you wish to send

Example: John Smith is out of the office until X

Disable Auto-Responder

Note: If you fail to disable auto-responder your out of office message will continue to be sent.
          Click Save to Disable auto-responder  

Uncheck Enable auto-responder

Uncheck Disable responses to indirect mail

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