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SmarterMail (The new Mail Server) has this great spam fighting tool called greylisting. About 90% of Spam is eliminated using greylisting.

When an Incoming email hits the server, the server looks to see if you have received email from the sender before and if so was it in the last 36 days. If you have, it lets the email through, however, if this is a new sender or they haven’t sent to you in the last 36 days it tells the other server to “try again in 15 minutes". (generally the sender of the email does not receive notification. This is usually completely transparent to them.)

This stops spammers because they don't use a legitimate email server and they can't respond a second time. Legitimate mail servers are setup to try at least 4 times to deliver the message to you.

Greylisting is great until that email you need to immediately come through gets delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. (sometimes the other server waits an hour or more)

To continue to get the benefits of Greylisting and still receive all of your important email, there is a way to keep a Sender from being blocked. You can add the new Sender to your Trusted Senders list in SmarterMail. Once the Sender has been added to Trusted Senders, their email will always be allowed and there e-mails will never be greylisted (delayed).
Note: Anything you do on your personal computer isn't communicated to the Server, so this must be done in SmarterMail.

See below for Instructions on how to add to the Trusted Senders.

First open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) and type in http://mail.domainname.ext (i.e.

The SmarterMail login screen will appear

Note: - Only allows this email address from the vendor company to be allowed without greylisting - Allows everyone from the vendor company to send you email without being greylisted.

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