SPAM filtering using Outlook Express 6

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If you are downloading your messages using Outlook Express, use the following procedures to automatically put suspected SPAM messages into their own folder.

Open Outlook Express, right click on Local Folders
Select New Folder. Type in Junk E-mail as the Folder Name.

Verify that Local Folders is selected and click OK. 
 Next click Tools    Next click Message Rules        Next click Mail...

When setting up a rule for the first time the New Mail Rule window will appear.

When adding an additional rule, on the Message Rules window make sure the Mail Rules tab is active and click New Rule.

Check Where the Subject line contains specific words.

Check Move it to the specified folder.

Click OK
Leave as the default
name or change to
SPAM to Junk Mail (recommended) 
Next click on
contains specific words 


Next type SPAM-HIGH: and then click

First type SPAM-MED: and then click

   To finish click OK
Note: Any e-mails coming in with a SPAM weight of Medium (SPAM-MED) or a weight of High (SPAM-HIGH) will be put into your Junk E-mail folder.
In time you may have confidence in our SPAM filtering to include SPAM-LOW: here as well.

Next click Move it to the specified folder
           The Move window will appear.  


Click OK

Next choose Junk E-mail

Note: This was the folder that was created on page 1

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