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If you are having difficulties sending attachments, there are at least three possible reasons...

  1. For security reasons we do not allow some file types to be sent through the mail server. These include .exe files, .bat files, .scr (screen saver) files, .cmd files, and a few others. If you need to send these types of files through the mail server, compress them into a .zip file first and then send them.
  2. The attachment size is exceeding the maximum. The maximum attachment size is less than 20 mg.
  3. We have had several clients call and say they can send plain e-mails (without attachments) just fine, but if they attach (and it doesn't matter what type of file) a file they get an error message immediately from Outlook, but it doesn't really tell them anything.

    Turns out the answer to the problem is that the sent mailbox within Outlook is full and won't accept any more messages (which is why you can send plain e-mails but not attachments... there was room for the e-mail message but not the attachment).

    The solution is to delete some sent messages and then for good measure reboot the system. You may also want to compress the folder by (for Outlook Express) clicking on file, folders, and then compact all folders (For Outlook the process is a little more involved but can still be done).
If this doesn't solve your problem click on Submit a Ticket and our support team will be glad to help.

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