Understanding your Website reports

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BANG! Web Site Design provides monthly reports about your Web site activity. The reports contain General Statistics as well as more detailed information about your site including Activity Status, Visitor and Demographics, Browsers & Platforms, Search engines, etc.

We've written a knowledge base article (nearly a book at 47 pages) that looks at each page of that monthly report and explains it in as simple terms as possible, what the information means. You can view the knowledge base article here. Be warned it's a nearly 11 meg file and will take some time to download. I encourage everyone to at least read the executive summary on the first page.

If you prefer a video approach to learning, you can also watch the video below. It's a little dated as some new features have been added to the report, but it still covers the basics well.

To understand how to read your reports go to http://www.bkrstudio.com/webinars/past_webinar_videos.cfm and watch “Web Site Analytics - What you don’t know can’t help you.”

 Note: After you have received your monthly reports for a year, your previous year’s reports will start being replaced by the current year on a monthly basis. (I.e. your June 2010 report will be overwritten by June 2011 report on July 1, 2011).  So, remember to write down any numbers that you want to compare year-over-year as you go along.


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