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If you receive delivery failure error, your email is being blocked by Barracuda Networks
Failed Recipient: username@domainname.ext
Reason: Remote host said: 554 Service unavailable; Client host
[] blocked using Barracuda Reputation;

  1. The quick short-term solution is to either use your smartphone, or log on to our Web mail (SmarterMail) system at http://mail.domainname.ext to send your e-mail. This avoids using your IP address to send the e-mail.
  2. The other options is to call the recipient and have their IT department add you as a trusted sender in their barracuda spam filtering system. This will only clear sending to this company. Other companies using Barracuda will still have you blocked.
  3. Then to remove the block at barracuda, follow the link listed in the delivery failure notice. (i.e. Follow the instructions to unblock your IP address that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has assigned you. (IP Reputation Lookup) Then wait for it to clear. This could take hours. (See below)

To follow the link listed in the delivery failure (#3), click on the link provided in the undelivered e-mail returned to you.

Follow the instructions to perform an IP Reputation Lookup

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