I sent my E-newsletter and I received an undeliverable email message (Bounced e-mail)

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When sending out an E-Newsletter you may receive bounced email messages. Bounced email messages are those that are returned to you as undeliverable.

A Common reason for email messages bouncing is that the email address has been mistyped. Names can be typed in wrong, the address could be wrong (see below), extra spaces or symbols are in the address or the extension could be incorrect (I.e. .con instead of .com)
Example: username@abcglobal.net. (abcglobal should be sbcglobal)
Sending to this recipient with the abcglobal.net address would result in a bounced message.
When an email bounces back to you, you are spending money on a message that will not be read however, you have paid for it. If for example you are paying each month to send 2000 email messages and 100 of them get bounced. You have just paid for 100 email messages that will never get read.

To get the most out of sending your E-Newsletter to your Clients or potential Clients, bounced email messages should be addressed immediately after they are received.

There are a couple of ways to remedy email messages bouncing.
  1. Correct the email address that bounced in your Subscribers list.
  2. Open the bounced email message (email returned to you as undeliverable), scroll down to the bottom and unsubscribe the User with the failed email address. The email address will continue to reside in your Subscribers list, but they will no longer be sent an E-Newsletter from you.
  3. The last suggestion is to delete the email address that bounced from your
    Subscribers list.
Over a period of time the repeated bounced email messages from the same Sender on the BANG! Web Site Design Domain can be misconstrued as SPAM by the Internet Service provider that it is being sent through (I.e. SBC Global, Comcast or AOL)

The continuous sending of email messages that bounce could ultimately end up Blacklisting (blocking BANG! Web Site Design from sending to a specified domain - (I.e. SBC Global, Comcast or AOL)

Bounced messages are inevitable to some degree however, unreasonable and continuous bounces from an account could potentially cause your account to be suspended.

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