Set-up an email account in Outlook 2007

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Before you can retrieve your e-mail from your new account Outlook 2007 must be set up with the correct information. Follow the steps below to complete your setup...

Open Outlook, then click on the Tools Menu and select "Account Settings".

Click Add New Email Account

Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP button. Click Next.


Enter Your Name (i.e. Brian Rideout - BANG! WSD)

Enter your complete Email Address (name@domainname.ext)

Enter your Password, Retype Password

Click Next
You will encounter a "Problem connecting to Server" error. Continue by clicking Next.
Click Finish
 Your E-mail account setup is complete.
If you get errors instead, go back and review your settings.

If you can't see anything wrong, click Submit a Ticket and we'll help you get everything working properly.  

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